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Highly Customisable Email Promotional Campaigns in a Smarter Range

Get The Right Message In Your Marketing Emails with Professional Services


Email marketing is the new way to express your service offerings to the target market and existing clients. We create high efficient emails with authentic contents related to your internet platform and RSS based information to attract maximum customers. We also separately test each subject lines and contents of the email before spreading it out to ensure that you get maximum return on investment with us.


We are having a great team of professionals who are experienced in generating more number of leads to profit the customers. To maximize the profit we handle the email campaigns with our contacts to get the best outcomes of it. Along with us, we offer the complete control to access the content on your email so that you will have all the knowledge of the efforts that are made by our experts to serve you the best. Complete authentication of the mails that are generated are maintained so that the customers will get the message successfully that you want to deliver to them.


We get the contact to email from your existing database file and use our contact management techniques to uncover and work on them. We also extract contact from your sales and marketing channel to create mass reach for your campaign message. We always keep an eye on specific campaigns and on-going trends to monitor real-time activity streams behavioral actions of the receivers. We also use live geographical tracing system to identify the amount of contacts interacting with your campaign and to extract the contacts information t create data segmentation for future use.

Our service features

  • Personalization for uniqueness

We concentrate on extreme personalization of your email campaigns with extracted contacts data so that you get best outcomes out of it. We create personalized content for promotional emails according to contact preferences as we have extracted from the data.

  • Editing and modification control

We offer absolute control to you for managing the ad campaign in regards to email content so that you can deliver the exact message you want. With us, you get full editing control to edit the HTML and CSS embedded into your promotional mails made by us.

  • Personalized data fields

We also create personalized fields for you so that you can store contact data such as text fields, drop downs and radio buttons etc. This help us to create the sending segment for your personalize emails with regards to that.

  • Maximum integrations

We offer maximum integration with all internet interaction platforms such as WordPress, CRMs, ecommerce platforms, webinars, accounting systems and payment systems etc. This targets maximum exposure for your campaign message to a mass audience. We also maintain archive for all the past mailing campaigns.

  • Real-time spam avoidance

We ensure despising spam so that your marketing mails get delivered into customer’s inbox. We ensure authentication of the mails so that your prospective customers get the message you want to deliver to them.

  • SMS campaigns

We also do follow up SMS campaigns to take your marketing to the higher extent and we also track interactions and responses to analyze campaign success.

With us you will get amazing services and satisfactory results. Our main objective is to provide the customers with guaranteed solutions so that your time and money will not get wasted. Enrol up with our services without wasting any minute. We promise you to deliver the best expected results in a certain period of time. Also, all the pros and cons will be discussed with you in the starting itself and there will be no hidden charges so you can trust us easily without thinking much.To avail all these amazing email marketing services subscribe digitalhalt.com today and boost your marketing campaign to next level.