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Success in digital marketing campaigns depends totally on your data quality. The web content must be authentic and interactive so that customers feel connected with the service offered and their need. We at Digital Halt, we have the best experts who analyses your website with higher efficiency and relevancy.

Once you have enrolled up with our services then you can expect the best services from our team of experts. Great strategies are made by us to get more and more traffic to your website so as to increase the profit percentage of your business. We assure to improve your online reputation so that your investment will not get wasted and you will get the results as per your expectation. It is very much important for your business to maintain a good presence online. We are having a team of experts who have great experience to bring up a great traffic to your website and generate more number of leads.

Our analysis reports focus on performance of your website and detecting the crucial points that are affecting traffic numbers. We have higher testing and tracing technologies to measure your web performances and once done we provide you with analysis reports. We understand the importance of your website and thus we do a strategic analysis in regards to the industry you are serving in.

Our offered services


  • Audits to make assessments

We carry a series of analytical work to understand current status of your website. To ensure where your website is currently standing in internet platform we carry a lot of analytical audits and assessments. It helps us identify the improvement points and evaluate the current situation t make you go toward success. We use all global tools to analyze websites such as Google Analytics audit, Digital Marketing Measurement Model (DMMM) session, Google Tag Manager Audit and Digital Maturity assessment etc.

  • Tracking accomplishment

With Google tag manager which is a Java-Script based application, our expert team implements a focused tracing infrastructure to create performance-based goal. Data analysis with Digital Marketing Measurement Model (DMMM) session helps us generate more traffic for yoir website to get positive results. We focus on implement strategies and manage them to maintain tracking infrastructure. Using the metrics with greater development and monitoring services helps you to take correct decisions. The key performance indicators (KPIs), performance benchmarking, targeting, forecasting, creating Dashboards and Palette of Metrics are few tools to enhance your webpage’s efficiency.

  • Absolute reporting

The next step we use after taking a thorough implementation and planning process is reporting the outcomes to our clients. This helps you connect the big dots with your upcoming e-marketing campaign to get a better result. Our reporting process can be subscribed as monthly, yearly, seasonal, or campaign based period system. We also create e-dashboard to keep all your C-suite, executives, and managers informed about current performance status. We use data from email, websites, and paid media campaigns to carry our strategic analysis with making a advance customer behavior segments to get maximum outcomes.

To know more, get in touch with www.digitalhalt.com and get the best analytical report for website performance. Analytical report is essential for you to know about your business in detail. It shows you the complete information that from where you are getting you traffic on your site, how much users are coming and from where, etc. So, complete report is maintained by our team of highly qualified professionals and will be updated to you timely.