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The results depend on the size of the websites and time. Large websites will get results to predict weekly while smaller websites will take a bit longer.

We follow the following strategies to retrieve the lost ranking:

  • Resolving on-site problems.
  • Shelter in the inbound links to websites.
  • Keeping constant site on SEO algorithm changes.

Improved website ranking which leads to increase traffic from different sources. More web traffic result in more leads and more leads result in more conversions.

SEO is a dynamic operation and we cannot look for forward to maintaining its position throughout. However, Digitalhalt puts its best efforts for maintaining websites and SEO factors.

Search engine optimization is a continuing process as competitive will constantly try to fetch the competitors' ranking. So, sticking to a time period is not a good idea.

Local SEO

It is procedures to optimize the website to get them listed more eminently in local search engine results.

It is a marketing strategy procedure which drives organic or free traffic on online search engines.

A powerful SEO strategy can improve rankings for key-phrases and keywords that are crucial businesses. So, websites can easily be listed on search engines' top results.

Important constituents On-Page SEO of are Anchor text, keywords, Meta Description, Page Title, and Page URL.

Search engines look at people's positive pins, views, votes, shares and likes on websites such as Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook as convincing and trusted endorsements about businesses.

National SEO

Yes! Digital Halt offers customized options to choose the services you need. So, our charges are affordable. Indeed, we are committed to winning your satisfaction. So whatever services you choose, it is almost guaranteed to get 99.99 results. We have done great amazing works, and this is why thousands of active clients have connected to us and are fully satisfied. A large number of active clients and their faith in our services define our service’s reliability.

There are a number of benefits included in our SEO packages like content optimization, link building, page ranking, social media marketing, analytics, and more. Moreover, we get you covered from all around. So, if you like us to expand your business horizon more and more, we can focus on specialized marketing like social media, email marketing, and others.

Though we assure you to bring the best result for your website with our SEO packages, yet you can opt for our additional services like bulk emails/text messages, extended social media marketing, lead generation & conversion, online reputation management, and so on. This will add more customers to your business thereby boosting your profitability.

SEO has depth, it needs smart minds, indeed a team of professionals who can think out of the box and dare to accept challenges and apply for the best. These sorts of experts and SEO services you need to stand firm in this competitive edge or leave behind your competitors. With such a team we are offering cutting-edge SEO services that have an almost 99.99% guarantee to get the results.

No, you don’t need to pay any additional charges once you pay for our SEO packages. Our each SEO service is worthy of every cent you pay to us. We offer transparent services, we honestly describe everything in the beginning and keep providing you with our work updates. However, if you wish to avail of our additional marketing services, you need to pay for that.


Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Digg etc, get high volumes of traffic. Websites for the notable presence here can do well in the long run. As a result of this, websites will get more traffic and better conversions.

SMO is basically an extension of SEO. it helps strengthening brand images across social media platforms while SEO helps in marketing websites.

Tomorrow has a great impact on website rankings as it can boost site rankings through high-quality links.

Our SMS packages include important social media platforms like blog setup, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr and more. Custom services can be added to the package if required.

Yes, we always do. Our work is unique to our clients. We, at Digital health, make client-specific strategies based on their current position, industry, requirements, etc.


There are various reasons to implement PPC marketing. It converts well, compliments marketing channels, faster than Search engine optimization and measurable.

Almost all types of businesses can incorporate PPC marketing. Everyone uses the internet and regardless of the nature of your business, there's going to be a form of web advertising that should be taken advantage of.

As soon as we receive the required documentation, we start the development and the keyword analysis process. Once this is done, the PPC campaign can be launched within 2-3 weeks.

PPC helps businesses in several ways:

  • It promotes new services and products.
  • Helps in targeting targeted customers.
  • Increases the brand awareness.
  • Generates sales and leads.
  • Generates quality traffic to websites.
  • Selecting keywords in negative keywords can provide specific targeting.
  • Location-based targeting based on client requirements.
  • Automated PPC campaigns for a particular number of times in a day.


ORM services increases positive brand perceptions by generating opportunities for listening to and engaging with clients/customers.

Business owners can uncover valuable client/customer insights. This would help in improving their services to satisfy their consumers.

With ORM, business owners can find people who are tweeting and posting about new services and/or products they are looking for.

With ORM services in place, you will be able to observe your competitors progress so that you can implement something similar or may be advanced into your business strategies.

ORM services simplify the identification of influencers. Influencers can give your business the publicity uplift it needs to maximize the reach.

Web Analytics

You can get the location of your visitors. This will help you in targeting appropriate locations for marketing your services and/or products.

When you start the marketing activities, your website will start getting more traffic, which will result in increased match rate. Hence, the sales opportunities will start to rise.

Web analytics provide you with deeper customer insights. This information can be used for updating your website pages or tailoring the sales pitches, so you will have a better traffic conversion rate.

It helps to monitor bounces and identify which pages of the website are viewed and when they are viewed. This data can be used for improving website users' journey.

The analytics will let us find which browser and devices are used for viewing websites. This analytics report is pretty useful when it comes to redesigning websites.

Web Development

Once all the required is in place, a website can be built within in 6 weeks. However, larger websites may some more time to be built.

Yes. All the sites we build are mobile-friendly. We use the responsive design method, so that the websites work well across different platforms.

Yes, you can do it if you are tech-savvy. Or else, you can always contact us to make the required changes to your website.

With our knowledge and experience in marketing, programming, and graphic designing, we believe our best sales tools are our solid reputation and a strong portfolio.

Definitely not. We discuss with our clients and their website requirements followed by the pricing structure. Once an order is placed, we stick to the outlined price, no matter what.